I stopped at some regional mall about an hour away from my hotel to get dinner and stretch my legs. I was heading to the Atlanta area for a reason that seemed valid at the time. It’s a six hour trip if I drive straight through. As you should have figured out by now, I seldom drive straight through.

Walking around the mall, I passed a display case that contained a piece of wood-framed pegboard with vintage hand tools wired on. Intrigued, I looked for meaning or an explanation. Turns out the display was promoting the Sellars Gallery of Historic Hand Tools at the Funk Heritage Center at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. It is a collection of tools acquired by the late Alan Sellars, a hardware store owner from Marietta, GA. I’d tell you more but if you care you can go their web site and read it. Save me the trouble of retyping it all.

Sellars Gallery of Historic Hand Tools

His collection consisted of 120 panels grouped by tool type or by trade specialty. There are boards containing chisels and another that has cooper’s tools. I’m sure that this isn’t the way a dedicated member of the MWTCA would curate the display but it was his stuff. What can you do?

Click to see the Sellars Collection on Flickr

Click to see the Sellars Collection on Flickr

I can’t swear all 120 panels are there but there is enough there to glaze over the average human being. I wish there was more labeling of the tools or some more context given. I can’t really complain too much. I also of guilty of just putting images out there and letting the viewer make of it what they will.

More later.