A well intentioned person from time to time mentions my blog in one or both of his much more popular blogs. My number of visitors and views goes way up. This should make me happy. Problem is that two or three days later my stats come back down to previous levels proving I am neither interesting nor amusing enough to maintain any of the followers he lent me.

Visual proof of this is in the graphs on my stats pages. Usually the graphs are fairly level with my 15 visitors and 28 views. When I get his bump, I shoot up into the mid-60’s on visitors and close to 100 views. This spike in the graph visually reduces the impact of my base. I have to wait 30 days until the spike falls off the end of the end of the graph to start feeling good about myself.

(Little know fact: when you become a blogger you have to have to pledge to not talk about your stats. I crossed my fingers when I clicked on the AGREE box.)

Enough about that. Today’s set is mostly from an huge place in High Point, NC. Under roof, they have 275,000 square feet of antiques and vintage and reproduction furniture all intermixed. You need to spend some time thinking about some pieces to see which one they are. Sometimes the confusion is caused by not really understanding why on earth anyone would reproduce THAT. There was a huge kitchen storage unit, 10 feet high and 18 feet long. Lots of drawers, cabinets and a work surface. I wondered what plantation it might have come out of. Then in the next few rooms I saw differently colored versions of the same piece.

The first five pictures are from a local auction and the last 24 are from a Winston-Salem antiques mall. The High Point shop has a wide assortment of furniture from primitive to almost fancy and anything in between. This is a piece you don’t see just anywhere.

A truly unique piece

A truly unique piece

And another unusual piece:

Can't tell if it's dovetailed or not.

Can’t tell if it’s dovetailed or not.

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To paraphrase the end of the old Lone Ranger TV show:

“Who was that bearded man, anyway. I wanted to thank him.”