You might not think there is much excitement out there looking at old furniture, but at times, I have more than I want.

I was in Winchester, VA on Friday at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley for the pie safe seminar. I was driving back to the museum after the dinner break. I was going for the reception and private tour of the pie safe exhibit. I was at the intersection of E. Boscawen St. and Washington St. waiting for the light to change. Light traffic. When the light changed, I pulled out slowly, the next light was red. No need to hurry. About a third of the way through the intersection, my peripheral vision caught something and I slammed on the brakes.

Then suddenly, I saw a college aged woman on a bicycle shoot in front of the car. She wobbled a little as she passed, regained stability and shot off. As she fled, she turned around waved and shouted “Sorry”. Or so I think. I don’t have that good an imagination. I guess she was in a hurry, bless her heart.*

It wasn’t until leaving the reception that I realized how close I came to having to fill out a lot of paperwork. I looked at my car and saw this:

Kinda like circular saw marks on a board.

Kinda like circular saw marks on a board.

Don’t be too concerned. The marks came off with a little WD-40 and elbow grease. My car is fine. My nerves have settled. I know I’ll never see her again. She did leave an impression. Maybe just a few skid marks…

* Southern for idiot.