At least from1874 to 1884. The Wooton Desk Company continued until around 1891 but in 1884 Mr. Wooton retired from the business and became a Quaker minister.

If you know the Wooton desk, you most probably know a variant of this one:

Your basic Wooton Desk. Click for another view.

Your basic Wooton Desk. Click for another view.

It was properly known as Wooton’s Patent Cabinet Secretary and was available in four grades. Above is the Ordinary Grade. There was also the Standard Grade, the Extra Grade and as illustrated below, the Superior Grade.


It's Superior.

It’s Superior. A little fancy for my taste. Too hard to dust.

But they also made a series of Rotary Desks and I came across one at an auction.

One of style of the Rotary desk.

One style of the Rotary desk.

Both pedestals rotate hence the name rotary.


And if you need proof of the name:


You can see an on-line copy of the Illustrated catalogue of Wooton’s patent cabinet secretaries and rotary office desks, 1876, by clicking HERE.

These desks were pushing the peak of Victorian excesses. Conspicuous consumption at it’s finest. You can see several examples of Wooton desks on eBay. Hold on to your wallet and take a look.

In the 1980’s, Scandinavian design was all the rage. I grew very fond of this much simpler version of the secretary:

The Scandinavian secretary.

The Scandinavian secretary. The finest teak veneer.

The dealer’s inventory and my finances never came into alignment hence I was never able to buy one. 30 years later, I came across this one and another one at an auction. My reaction was “meh?” Things changed. I changed. Change is good.