My wife saw that a local fish monger had a sale on crab legs. We knew these wouldn’t be the finest crab legs but the price was right and it was something different.

She was almost done cooking dinner she realized we don’t own any crab mallets or crackers. Although she was born and bred in Baltimore, she had never had the need to purchase crab utensils.

Being male, I headed to the shop to look for alternatives. After rummaging around for a bit, I came up with what I believed were workable alternatives. I found  Shenandoah Tool Works, 1 lb. 9.75 oz. mallet and a pair of Craftsman WF B S 45381, slip joint crab crackers.

Off label uses of shop tools.

Off label uses of shop tools.

They worked. We ate. Life is good.

I did degrease, clean and sanitize them before using them in the kitchen And before returning them to the shop…