While passing through Nashville last year, I stopped in a very nice antiques shop, saw the following and was stumped:

Very nice, but what is it?

Very nice, but what is it?

It is a form I hadn’t seen before. Obviously factory made and not a one-off. Too heavy for a quilt rack or screen. I poked at it a bit and discovered the panels on either side swung up. It seems to be a drop leaf table of a unique type.

From below you see the works:


The view from below.

It is a two-legged trestle with a central spine from which the two drop leafs are hung. Also hanging from the spine are support wings.

Wings supporting the drop leaf.

Wings supporting the drop leaf.

Wings supporting the drop leafs catch the battens that keep the leafs apart when lowered.

An elegant design with some elegant engineering. The finish at first made me think of the late lamented(-able) Bombay Company but it is much, much better than that.

I wasn’t smart enough to take a picture of it opened but it was larger, rectangular and brown.

Tomorrow, more different tables.