And why not? They keep doing silly things. And who am I to judge? I write a blog. That immediately makes me the smartest person in the room.

Until I hit the Publish button and it becomes a much bigger room. And my wisdom scales appropriately. Reading your own words a day later can be humbling.

But this time I know I’m right. My indignation all centers around this desk:

The wronged desk.

The wronged desk.

The auction catalog billed this as a “North Carolina Pin Top Work Table”. It has dovetailed drawers:

Wedged dovetails, actually.

Wedged dovetails, actually.

Elegant legs with what is described as “stocking feet”:

A muscular cabriole leg.

A muscular cabriole leg.

A trifid foot but is it a "stocking foot" as they claim

A trifid foot but is it a “stocking foot” as they claim?

What’s got me cranky is the current hardware:

A hardware misdemeanor.

A hardware misdemeanor. And not that well done.

Chinese Chippendale pulls? I know it is common to replace hardware, sometimes two or three times, but I would like to believe that the hardware should reflect the nature of the piece. And Chinese Chippendale, to me, does not reflect the nature of a late 18th century North Carolina desk.  It may be period correct but that’s all.

Why do I care? It’s just a piece of brass stuck on a desk. Times change. Fashions change. What was loved yesterday is so dated today. I guess I should be grateful it’s not oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

It’s like when you see the gentleman of unusual size at the beach in a Speedo. Part of you says he has every right to wear whatever he wants and the other part of you wishes he wouldn’t.

The desk is just a thing with the hardware on it just another thing.  Why does it matter what hardware you bolt onto furniture? You might argue that one should try to maintain the integrity of the piece. Others will argue that it’s their desk and they like Chinese Chippendale pulls. Put Eastlake drop pulls on their Sheraton desk. It’s their right to install whatever hardware they want. You just really wish they wouldn’t.