We live about and hour away from the self-proclaimed Furniture Capital of the World, High Point, NC. This claim is based partially on being what was the major furniture manufacturing center of North Carolina and partially on the twice-yearly furniture market (open to the trade), one of the largest around. Furniture making has moved away (some of it very far away) and Las Vegas is gunning for the furniture market. Yet they soldier on.

In the nearby town of Jamestown (metro High Point?) is the self-proclaimed largest furniture store. (Lots of self-proclamations in North Carolina.) At 1.3 million square feet, who am I to argue? My wife and I tend to view it as 1.3 million square feet of ugly furniture.

Ugly is a bit of a strong word. Not meeting our sense of aesthetics might be a more appropriate way to phrase it. There is some Shaker-esque furniture we almost like. What we have found is that for the money one can buy antiques or have something built by one of the area custom furniture makers. Let’s keep the money local.

There is one piece of furniture there that has continued to impress me (favorably) over the years. But like many things that impress, I have no desire to own it. I’m not sure where I’d put it.

Not your average chest on chest.

Not your average chest on chest.

At 85′, it needs just the right room.

Easy to dust under, though.

Easy to dust under, though.

And I think the hardware has been replaced. I don't think it's original.

And I think the hardware has been replaced. I don’t believe it’s original.

That’s the second largest claw and ball foot I’ve ever seen (with apologies to Buck Henry and Mel Brooks (extra credit if you get the reference)):

It's bigger than it looks.

It’s bigger than it looks.

Can you imagine Mary May (or Chuck Bender) out there with a chainsaw carving this one.

Of course, the drawers are all dovetailed. I would love to show you but their JLG lift was unavailable.

You can read an article about it HERE.

Somewhere in High Point is the 42′, world’s largest (freestanding) dresser. When I find it, I’ll let you know.