I just noticed that the daily views of this blog are way up. Over 30 so far today. Usually this means that Chris Schwarz has defamed me again. I checked his blogs and no mention of me there. Then I looked at the list of referrers and saw it was my friend Megan Fitzpatrick over at Popular Woodworking in her editor’s blog.

You might have heard that there is a schlub out there that has over 1,000 pictures of dovetails online. Well, that’s me and they are all in this blog and in my Flickr albums.

It all started with me taking pictures at every auction, show, museum and antiques shop I visited. And I visited a lot. I shared these with a select group until blackmailed into starting this blog. It’s all explained in my inaugural post, Chris Made Me Do It.

So I blogged. To date, this is my most popular picture:

Click to see the box.

Click to see the box from wenst it came.

The first set of 473 dovetails pictures are HERE.

The next 409 pictures are in the blog: Holiday Dovetail Extravaganza

And, a set of nothing but Thin Pins.

Moving away from dovetails, I covered pie safes in :

Pie Safes? Ya want Pie Safes? I got your Pie Safes.

Boarded furniture in: Nailed It!

For painted chest fans, we have the seasonally appropriate:

As Close to Easter Eggs as I’m Going to Get.

If you are a fan of brass and other shiny things, check out:

OCD is not a Four Letter Word or Hardware I Have Known.

And then there are museums, Russian museums, Galapagos animals, antique keyboard instruments, tools, feeble attempts at humor and an origin myth in:

Campaigning for the Truth.

And lots of antiques from auctions, shops and shows. Look around, there’s lots to see.