Not that you really need one. If you spent any time on I-95 between North Carolina and Baltimore, you know it is a bit boring. Except for the 20+ miles from mile marker 156 to Washington, DC. That section tends to be annoying. Really, really annoying. The Potomac Mills Mall and IKEA don’t help much. Then there is the Wegmans grocery…

A good excuse to get off 95 and stretch your legs is an antiques mall just north of Richmond, VA. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a better reason but it’s way across town and you have to park. This mall is right close to I-64, I-195 and I-95. Easy off and easy on, as they say.

It’s a big place with a wide assortment of inventory from primitives to some pretty nice stuff. Nothing too fancy. Like this interesting, small table:

A table with too many things going on.

What, no bell flowers?

This table almost has too much going on. Splay legs, stringing, some banding and odd little feet.

Mary May would appreciate the linen fold carving on this wall cabinet:

Carved corner cabinet.

Carved corner cabinet.

A nice dresser with gallery:

Just like grandma used to own.

Just like grandma used to own.

This cabinet starts fancy:


The door makes it fancy:

How's that for fancy?

How’s that for fancy?

What pushes the fanciness quotient even higher is the treatment on the reverse of the door:

Not yer typical inside door panel.

Not yer typical inside door panel.

And no set of pictures from me would be complete without a nice assortment of dovetails from fine and tiny:

Can it be made any thinner?

Can it be made any thinner?

to the bold and plentiful vulture tails:

I don't have a 45° dovetail marker.

Not quite 45° but close.

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