Last Friday and Saturday was held the annual spring antiques festival near Liberty, NC. For $7.00, you get access to over 400 dealers spread out over 100 acres. Or so they claim. I have no way to independently verify their assertions, so for the purposes of this post, I will just have to accept them.

Every year I see things I haven’t seen  before. Must be why I keep going back. This year was no exception. As much as I seek out (thread) spool cabinets, I had never seen a cylindrical spool cabinet before. Here I saw two.

This one:

Here is one.

The first.

And another:

Another round one.

Another round one.

Then there is this nice pine chest:


With nice dovetails:


And this curious hinge repair:

Not the way I would have done it. They might know more than I do.

Not the way I would have done it. They might know more than I do.

What really caught my eye was this unique wall box:


With its unique embellishment:


With its equally unique dovetail failure:

Never saw this type failure before.

Never saw this type failure before.

I saw the failure in the field but didn’t understand it until looked at the picture at home. They dovetailed the back along the wrong axis. The wood has little strength along this axis. Wood tends to shear when stressed across the grain. But if the maker had turned the wood 90° with the grain running from side to side, the dovetails would have held but the wood might have snapped off due to the height of the back and the lack of cross grain strength.

Could it be that the dovetail is not always the appropriate joint?

Did you know the US Navy roasted its own coffee?

Seems they did.

Seems they did. And they made their own clothes, too.

Apologies for the first post. After midnight, the Preview and Publish button look very similar.

It won’t happen again.

Until it does.