Last weeks, my wife and I headed north to visit some friends and almost-family. Pictures were taken and will be blogged shortly.

In the meantime, I found this at a hotel in Reading, PA and knew I just had to share.

Don't you want one?

Don’t you want one?

It was stored in this informative cardboard base:

That explains it!

That explains it!

Now if they can just do something about the shower, the duvet and the desk chair…

Speaking of duvets, why do they need to be in hotel rooms. These 3″ thick, feather-filled beasts are appropriate if you are staying in the Little House on the Prairie  in February but not a Marriott in August. To use them comfortably one would need to get the room down to 60° or lower.

Tip: If the hotel room has a sleep sofa, you might be able to find a package containing the linens for the sofa. There is usually a light blanket in there. Use it.

And the pillows? Every room now has 6 to 12 pillows on the bed. You need 2 to 3 to sleep. Where do you store the other 9? The rooms aren’t that big.