Back down here in Louisiana, I have found the bench of my dreams at a price that won’t break me. It is already disassembled so shipping and restoration will be greatly simplified.

I think its French.

I think its French. And a veteran.

Or at least in the French style.

Or at least in the French style. Still a veteran.

The shoulder vise is mostly complete:

Might need a little work...

Might need a little work…

Tail vise is intact.

Not perfect but an amazing price.

Not perfect but an amazing price.

I found the base nearby.

Looks sturdy.

Looks sturdy. At least what’s there.

With lots of room for storage.

With lots of room for storage. Tricycle not included.

Now I just have to figure out the best way to flatten it. If I flatten to too aggressively, there might not be much benchtop left. In deed, a conundrum.

Then there is the whole tool tray issue. Not everybody loves (or likes) tool trays. I have found them to be useful but they do fill up and encourage us to work in a slovenly fashion.

Over in the annex is a similar bench in better shape:

Still in one piece. Where's the challenge.

Still in one piece. Where’s the challenge?

Tail vise is complete.

Even works!

Even works!

Shoulder vise needs a screw.

and a garter or two.

and a garter or two.

Depressingly, I took a quick look on at Google images and the first two sites I clicked on were offering them as kitchen islands or console tables. One of them offered to fill the tool tray with vintage marble or granite.

That could be the fate of these two benches if we don’t act now to stop it.

French work benches. A terrible thing to waste.

If I can find four that match, what do you think of adding wheels to my bench?