My wife and I make our annual pilgrimage to Virginia to have our anniversary-ish dinner at The Inn at Little Washington, one of the finest restaurants we can not quite afford. To save money on the rest of the trip we stay in a Fairfield Inn and look for less expensive activities to fill the days. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and James Madison’s Montpelier are some of our favorites.

If you don’t buy anything, looking at antiques can be a semi-satisfying way to spend an afternoon. We have been know to occasionally indulge in such activities, much to the dismay of friends with different work ethics.

These pictures are from one such outing. Some interesting shops are actually in Ruckersville between Charlottesville and Orange (Monticello and Montpelier), Virginia, right on US 29.

One of the things I noticed just tonight was two pieces with similar yet very different legs. They really look like variations on a theme, one a more refined version of the other. You figure which came first.

First there is this server:

Looks like a server to me.

Looks like a server to me. Sorry about the back light. Big windows, sunny day. Hate ’em.

Then there is this chest:

Like it, didn't buy it.

Like it, didn’t buy it.

Here are the legs, you decide which goes where.


Not identical but related. Or so I think. It’s my blog.

I was impressed by this large and unique form of corner cabinet:

One of the largest i've seen.

One of the largest I’ve seen.

Unique decoration:

Sawtooth and keystone.

Sawtooth and keystone.

There must have been French in the area:

You can tell from the overall form.

You can tell from the overall form.

The unique dual, center lock.

The unique dual, center lock. Two drawers, one lock with opposing bolts.

And the ever popular knife hinges.

And the ever popular knife hinges.

And this unique chest on chest is linked to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

Newer than Usually interests me...

Newer than usually interests me…

but I always make exceptions.

but I always make exceptions.

And orphans:

They're going cheap these days.

They’re going cheap these days.

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As part of my ongoing research of things that don’t matter, there are 1133 servings of sugar in a 10 lb. (4.53 kg) bag.

IMG_6800That is 22.315, 7-Eleven Double Gulps (55 oz fluid, 9 oz of ice.) of Mountain Dew.

The more you know…