This blog is not for the faint of heart or those of a sensitive nature. Be forewarned, once you have seen this, you cannot un-see it.

I feel it is my obligation to bring you all sides of furniture and related woodworking. From time to time I believe it is necessary to show what happens when wood and tools fall into the wrong hands. You all knew this day might come. I will try to be brief.

I offer this object with little comment or commentary. It is up to you, the reader, to come to your own understanding of what your eyes are showing you. Godspeed.

I found this last weekend in an antiques shop in the Adamstown area. It was billed as an early cosmetics case. I found it on the top of a tall showcase. From this we know the dealer understood the peril this could cause to small children.

Here are the images.

Front view.

Front view.

Front-ish view.

Front-ish view.

Drawer view. Love dovetails...

Drawer view. Love dovetails…

Top view.

Top view

Butterfly hinges are attractive.

Butterfly hinges are attractive.

Mirror explains the two sets of hinges on the lid.

Mirror explains the two sets of hinges on the lid. Note the mitered shoulder dovetails.

Inoffensive handle.

Inoffensive handle.

Bottom is unique.

Bottom is…       unique.

When I seem something like this I wonder if its origin is:

  1. A folk artist. Some folk artists I’ve seen have MFA’s from prestigious Eastern Universities and drive a Prius.
  2. Somebody believing they are using best practices without understanding them.
  3. Someone with different view of the world making things their way.
  4. A person in a foreign land making things using local practices.
  5. A person in a foreign land making rustic looking things for export.

I just don’t know.

I didn’t buy this one. I came close but I have bought too much as of late. It would not have been the best use of $150 of my dead mother-in-law’s money.

Still, compelling…

And I know where it is…