I conservatively see two hundred wooden bench planes a year at antiques dealers and flea markets. Jointers, jacks and coffins smothers are the norm. Every once in a long while I see something outside the norm. This is one of those:

Looks like a wooden jack plane only cleaner.

Looks like a wooden jack plane only cleaner. And shiny. Smells good too.

Imagine my surprise when I turned it over and realized I had discovered the long rumored wood body polishing plane:

Felt bottomed. Couldn't scratch a fly.

Felt bottomed. Couldn’t scratch a fly.

I think the topside blade is used to replace the felt when worn. A nasty job scraping off the felt. It is well adhered.

I will keep looking for more outliers and unique planes. It is my gift to you, my loyal readers.

You’re welcome.