The large, former meatpacking facility in Louisville had more there than the sash trimmer and lathe. It is filled with furniture both antique and vintage. There are tools, collectibles and things that might be defined as knickknacks, another flexible phrase. In the way of tools, there is this large chest filled with tools:


Most of the tools should be users.

There is this old staked bench with an odd notch along one side:


A purposed installed notch. I am open to any suggestions.

There is this table that looks like it could be another candidate for being a Thomas Day table. Many things are consistent with Mr. Days other tables:


The feet, the table size and hinge.

The base post is different:


Not what I am used to seeing. But I haven’t seen everything.

It was too expensive and my trunk was filled with a sash cutter. It was there three years ago when last I visited.

Among the interesting non-antiques if this makeup table and chair, circa 1890-1910 (technically an antique):


Chair with mirror.

And the table/desk:


They come as a set.

Another novel contemporary piece is this china with storage:


A rather large china/server.

With a disguised pull out table:


Novel but is it useful?


It isn’t very deep but and might be deep enough. I’ve never seen another like it.

There is what they call a birdcage chair in Louisville:


Something just screams Addam’s Family to me.

And lots of little details to fascinate, like this tiger maple knob with an ivory or mother-of-pearl button:


Knobs like this are no longer made. Unless they are.

Wavy stringing on this chest:


Fairly fancy for a simple chest.

The rest of the pictures are HERE.