Sometime this past spring I found myself in Florence, KY. As luck would have it, there were antiques dealers there. I visited one.

Along with the usual antiques stuff, I found this crate:


It was a crate in Florence and I found it.

I opened the crate and immediately noticed the hinges looked unlike others I’ve seen:


More different looking hinges.

Close up, they look like this:


Hinge leaves are joined by a wire loop.

See more clearly with this exterior view:


Hinge leaves not joined directly.

A few rows over, I found this crate :


Another exquisitely crafted shipping crate.

With the same hinge:


Same hinge, different crate.

Then a few weeks later in Raleigh, I found this French munitions crate:


Hinges look somewhat similar.

Different implementation but same idea:


Leaves are different but the loop is the same.

Front view is interesting as well:


A more formal design with front latches.

The latch is also loop based.


A latch and it’s protectors.

It is an interesting design for a hinge. When closed, it firmly holds the lid in position. When opened, the loops allow the lid to open fully getting the lid out-of-the-way while putting no strain on the crate back or the lid.

Yet, I don’t think many of us will be using this hinge.