I was in Asheville, NC recently and thought I might share some of the more notable things I stumbled across. The most interesting thing was this unique steamer trunk:


Large steamer trunk, well-worn and in need of TLC.


Better lighting from this side.

Aside from bring rather close to a cube, what makes it interesting is the unusual way it opens on a 45° angle:


First one I’ve seen.


It needs work but is reasonable priced. Still there if you want if.

But, I also found one of the most tragically designed chairs I’ve seen in quite some time:


Who is responsible for this? What were they thinking?

And not better from the back:


Note the tasteful screw hole buttons. Something Frank Klausz has never had the courage to use.

Lastly in the Really? and People Buy This? category, we have this:


35% fewer calories makes it a healthy product worthy of green packaging?


Better in aluminum?

Still not available at the local hippie food co-op.