You just got back from a tour of duty civilizing and acculturating those in the far corners of the Empire, er, Commonwealth. You like everything about being out there in the field. Your Campaign furniture greatly enhances your gender identity. You bring most of it home with you but some of it does not fit your urban, hipster lifestyle. You’ve just purchased a vintage bistro height table. You know bistro height tables are passé but you are such a hipster that you are on the leading edge of the early 2000’s retro movement.


Your new bistro height table from the local quality consignment store.

One issue is that your favorite Roorkhee chairs don’t really work with your bistro height table.


One of your Roorkhee chairs.

Your civilian brother-in-law can only afford a set of Kaare Klint Safari chairs.


The Kaare Klint Safari chair, nice but no genuine brass rivets.

Now there is a solution to your conundrum. I present the Roorkhee safari stool:


The Roorkhee stool, or something like it.


Equally handsome in the reverse.

It’s got wood. It’s got leather. It breaks down. It’s got straps.


The stool you’ve been looking for!

Now, your task is to go out there and find the right clip on instant man bun. You may be in the service, but you have a reputation to uphold.