I really don’t much. I know it produces some of the world’s greatest chocolate, waffles and beer. Contributions to painting and architecture are well-known. In the 1980’s, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Ford Prefect used “Belgium” inexplicably as an expletive. NATO and the European Union have their headquarters there. My wife made a business trip there a few years back and it is on the short list of places to visit in the near future

In a recent blog, I surmised that a Belgian made but French-styled chest might be from Wallonia, the Francophone region in southern Belgium. I received a mini lesson in a comment:

Don’t assume that the present French-speaking part of Belgium was always linked to France nor that the present Flemish speaking part was not. In the middle ages the County of Flanders was under the French crown until 1384. Then most of Belgium was part of Burgundy until 1678. Belgium was again part of France from 1794 to 1815.

More details on wikipedia (although there are small differences depending in which language you read it)
We have also been ruled by Romans, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, etc… and occupied by Germany. That is why Belgians are Europeans.


I’ve only seen two pieces identified as being from Belgium. I’m sure I have seen others but only two labeled as such. The one mentioned in the previous blog:


A tall, sophisticated chest.

That chest and a desk I saw three years ago. I’ve been holding it back and waiting for a chance to display it in context. I was taking fewer pictures back then and now wish I had more. The desk looks something like this:


Just another dang slant front desk. Interesting stretchers.

Just some simple decoration on the lid:


Looks just like something by Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light®.

A simple yet ornate gallery:


Nicely veneered door.

Dovetails we like and a different take on legs:


I believe that is what they call a perforated leg. But I could be wrong…

More Belgian furniture as I find it.