Back in June, I sent Chris Schwarz some pictures of an alleged Mexican workbench discovered at an antiques shop in Santa Fe, NM. He was amused and after a few exchanged messages, I suggested the best thing to do would be to offer it to the readers to provide some insight.

And this he did. In HIS Lost Art Press blog.

I was initially a tiny bit miffed but he was right to do it. He has well over a million followers and I have around 17. 23 if you don’t count my family and friends. I still don’t understand it but numbers don’t lie. His blog was titled Solve the Mexican Workbench Mystery and you can read it by clicking on the title.

Some context:


The Bench


The screw


The chop


The joinery


The details

Mr. Schwarz wrote:

My first (and fifth) reaction:  A Narwhal and some ship’s tackle had a baby. And it didn’t live….

I was even more surprised to read some readers’ comments in which they speculate that  it is either assembled incorrectly or an invention made from spare parts by an unscrupulous dealer.

Two weeks later, while researching a different topic, I happened upon a Popular Woodworking blog from February of 2014. The blog featured a picture of this Mexican bench:


Similar but two unfortunate Narwhals involved.

You can find the PW blog HERE.

Fell free to form your own conclusions.