I have been thinking about this blog for about a year but I just never quite had the narrative. But then a few days ago this happened:

Saguenay man has barn walls stolen. Are design trends to blame?

Then there was this on NPR:

Your Dilapidated Barn Is Super Trendy. Just Ask HGTV.

I have been seeing furniture made with reclaimed wood for several years. In the beginning, it was a few local builders that started showing up with some traditional looking pieces:


Look, a farm table made from reclaimed wood.


You can get matching benches.

And a few novel pieces:


A creative take on a bench/step unit.

Then it started showing up are some larger shows and stores:


Picnic style tables from used wood.

I’m not sure what this is:


Yet it exists and the barn doesn’t.

I know what this is:


Seeing is believing. Doesn’t mean I have to accept it.

Now it’s showing up at your favorite mall furniture store. Just go check out West Restoration Pottery Barrel. You’ll find things like this:


With two different styles of Scrabble games.

And there is this desk:


requiring none of that pesky EPA approval of the finish.

Sometimes there is an explanation:


Many tables and benches.


The explanation that assures us it’s not Stickley.

Not all the furniture is pine. This cabinet is not from around here:


No reason to decide on a single color.


Peroba, not your father’s reclaimed wood unless he’s from Brazil or Argentina.


Somehow they got the peroba from South America to Vietnam. The question is why.

We’ve only been contemplating the wood. Let’s consider technique for a minute. Look at the doors on the Clive Bar Cabinet:


They do have a very unique look. Yet very woody.

But examine the interior for construction details:


The grain in the front doesn’t match the grain around back.

With a view from above explaining everything:


And nothing.


Knowing how versatile and desirable reclaimed wood is, we need to prepare for the eventual loss of supply. One day, it might not be availble.

WIth this in mind, I came across the following in a big box harware store:


What is this we see?


Fake reclaimed wood.

Available in several colors:


Brown and blue on one side at least.


Or if you like grey. Beauty’s only skin deep and single sided.

I have a development deal with one of the basic cable channels. We’re working on a show all about building tiny houses from reclaimed farm tables.