Can the wood from a big box home improvement store be so bad they are embarrassed to sell it? The answer is yes and no. A local box has some wood they acknowledge is dreck but they still try to get some return on their investment. Sunday mornings this cart magically appears loaded some cruel jokes that had been lumber in a previous life. This wood is offered at a 70% discount and is marked with purple spray paint.

I can’t blame them for trying to get something out of it. They paid for it. It’s not entirely their fault that Mother Nature’s quality control leaves something to be desired. They might encourage their vendors save money in processing the wood or buy from vendors they know sell less than the best material. Price point is important. Ultimately it’s our fault for buying the stuff because it’s cheap. Maybe not absolutely cheap, but cheaper. We’re only encouraging them.


The cart.


Any boat builders out there?


For multi-lingual cheapskates, sorry, value shoppers. Don’t they proofread these signs?

To my dismay, I have found some purple wood in my scrap bin as I prepare it for the solid waste convenience center. Some members of the Monday night woodworkers buy it to save money I suppose. They go through a lot of effort to save a few bucks.


At least it’s not holding up your deck.