This interesting little game table recently went unsold at a recent auction:


Unloved. Won’t you help us find it a home?

The description is/was:

Description:   mid-18th century, fruitwood and mahogany with pine and mixed woods secondary, the slender form features a shaped top supported by a gate leg when open, above a single short lipped drawer, over an applied projecting scalloped skirt, raised on tall cabriole legs with spade feet. The gaming surface is covered with later felt with the exception of four square and four oval recesses.

The gaming surface:


Covered with later felt.

I liked the table but had neither the budget nor the room for it. Pre-auction estimate was $800 to $1200. But, they passed.

Other details:


Cabriole leg with spade foot.


Spade foot.


And the reverse foot view.

Unique convergence of the apron and the leg.


Either there are no shoulders for the leg or the aprons are the shoulders.

To accommodate the folding top, this is a gate leg table:


Back, right leg folds out.

Some details to notice in the picture above. Look at the small mortise and tenon on the table top. This promotes alignment and takes some stress off of the hinges when open and laying flat.

Here is another view of the mortises on the swinging leg:


The layout lines for the mortises. Are they from the 18th century?

And the corresponding tenons on the apron:


Two tenons to prevent racking when closed.

Here is a view of the gate leg hinge:


Wooden hinge.

An interior is quite revealing:


Back corner showing nailer support block and applied apron. This is the corner of the swinging leg.

And the other corner:


Note that they did not spend much time cleaning up the inner surfaces. But then why should they, it’s the inside of the table.

And yet, they passed.