Perhaps not endless but certainly many and varied.

I’m speaking of three-legged tables. Or is it three footed tables?

I looked back through the roughly 15,000 pictures I took of furniture in the past year and found over 140 examples of three-legged/footed tables I thought I would share. The idea first came to me when I noticed at an auction there were at least a dozen pedestal tables with three appendages.

There are a few major types that I am sure have proper names that I don’t know and couldn’t find easily. If you know, feel free to share.

This one reminds me of a ballet dancer on pointe:


Shakers on pointe. Perish the thought.

Then there is a variation with cuffed feet:


And the inverse of high arched:


Often this leg is reeded or might have brass toe caps.

Some are a bit flat-footed like a tired boxer:


I’ll do a blog about the birdcage tilt top tables eventually.

Of course there would be ball and claw feet:


Not a light look.A bit heavy, grounded.

There are carved legs like this one:


Not quite Eastlake but not not Eastlake, whatever that means.

And imminent joint failure:


I wouldn’t stand on this table.

To see all the pictures, click HERE.