In the view of the Euro descended on this side of the Atlantic, Williamsburg is old, being founded in 1632. Nearby Jamestown was founded in 1607 as the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. By comparison, Williamsburg(h), NY was incorporated in 1827 although the area was first settled by the Dutch West India Company in 1661.

The above has nothing to do with anything is this blog. I just have a pedantic nature.

We just returned from Williamsburg having spent the weekend there to celebrate my wife’s non-numerically significant birthday. Amongst visiting all the historic sites, we made time to visit a large antiques mall. Some of their inventory was relatively old but nothing going back to 1607 or even 1632.

Or 1827.

There were a few things that I found interesting or at least novel. First up is this bow front china closet from the The John A. Ebert Furniture Company of Philadelphia and later Red Lion, PA:


Lots of glass and odd applied embellishments.

This piece could be 100 years old. Still in good condition. Usually I wouldn’t find this china closet that interesting but for the label on the back:


I hope a W. G. Scott of Howard Street in Baltimore enjoyed the china closet.

Next is this overly tall chest. I am being slightly judgemental but I’ve seen lots of chests and this one is taller than most.


Like a blanket chest only taller.

Aside from the height, it seems rather ordinary. The carcass is dovetailed indicating superior construction:


Your daily dose of dovetails.

The interior is what makes this one unique:


Lined with newspaper. I think it is genuine and not a ploy to make it seem older than it is.

The newspaper is The American Traveler (1825 to 1842) of Boston, the Tuesday morning issue from October 15, 1833:


Every page is different making me believe these are originals not reproductions.

Last piece up in today’s sermon is this odd desk:


A unique and interesting design or another shotgun wedding?

It is an odd duck. As different as the pieces are it looks like they have always been together. Nothing you see looking at it would lead you to believe that the parts have been anywhere else. The top layer is nailed to the section below:


Not well nailed but nailed non the less.

An odd feature is the lopers that pull out at an angle:


This thing is not on the level.

It is odd but it makes sense in that the writing surface is slanted:


I tried it but my pen kept rolling away.

I included this on because I have found there are ring pull fans out there:


Quite an interesting ring pull.

And finally, The Orphans:


Won’t you help find them a home?