The kind of dreams you get when they deliver your large anchovy and green pepper pizza and you discover the only thing in the house to drink is chocolate milk that’s just about to turn.

On a recent trip to Raleigh I visited the used furniture place I wrote about in Where the Mediocre Goes to Die. There is a showroom with some furniture that has been cleaned up a bit or painted. Then there is the warehouse with stacks of rough, used furniture. The furniture has two prices: one price as is and one price painted.  Prices are written on a piece of blue tape

It was in this warehouse I found four retired workbenches. I would say former workbenches but I feel the need to give them the benefit of the doubt. With a little work they could be as useful as they ever were.

First up is this English pattern workbench variant:


Big apron and leg vise.


Placing the end vise by the leg vise minimizes travel. The blue tape states that the bench is $895 as is or $1,095 with a coat of paint in your choice of color.

Then there is this large sturdy fellow with drawers:


Built for serious work. Massive legs and reasonably thick top.


Leg vise, all the parts are there.


I’m not sure what the extra parts are for.

Number three is this odd little number with the oddly placed vise:


Might not have been a bench for woodworking. I hear there are other uses for workbenches

But the star of this little show it this 13′ slab bench:


Undercarriage seems a bit light for the size.


A real slab. Just a piece of the log.

There is/was a leg vise:


Parts are missing.


It is an unusually tall leg vise

There is an odd collection of holes at the leg vise end:


No obvious pattern but who says there needs to be.

There is also a planing stop:


This one is just a bent piece of strap steel wedged in place by a bench dog.

If you are interested, I can give you the address.