There are several levels of auctions in my area. This is about one of the ones that I classify as moving stuff from one basement to the next. Mostly ordinary stuff that one typically finds at thrift shops or flea markets. Still, I check out the pictures on Auction Zip on the chance that something interesting shows up. It happens.

One day I saw a clock that looks like it could be an Arts and Crafts era artifact. It had a familiar shape and reminded me of the Voysey mantel clock that Robert Lang built for the August, 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking.


An original Voysey from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond.

Closer to being in the spirit not the execution. It was tapered and had a copper face with clock hands. I went to the preview and realized I was not going to be taking their clock home. Firstly, the thing was metal:


A bit crudely made.

Metal would necessarily be a disqualifying issue but a quick look at the back showed me it was not old:


Plastic clips, Phillips screws and plywood do not indicate historic practices.


And the welds were really bad.

Having spent the time driving there, I felt the obligation to take a quick look to see if there might be anything of interest. There were a few things that were mildly interesting.There was this large and odd hall table:


Vases available separately.

There was this French server/sideboard:


To start with, it’s oak.

It is dovetailed and has that unique French lock the secures two drawers with a single lock mechanism, bolts head out in both directions from center:


I will stop writing about this lock as soon as you guys give me the proper name and/or a source for this lock.

And these back drawer dovetails I have only seen in French furniture:


An odd way to make a drawer. Odd but not rare.

And finally, unique pulls:


Looks French to me.

The only other interesting piece was the rather large monstrosity:


Big sucker, ain’t it?

Dovetailed drawers:


Surprisingly thin pins. The curved drawer front looks applied.

A very unique door panel:


End grain veneer door panel.

And a little bit of unique hardware:


Ring pull or drop pendant?


They don’t brass plate like they used to, thank heaven.

Nothing outstanding but I had to look.