A local antique shop specializes in primitive/vernacular furniture. Specialize is the wrong word to use. Specialize indicates a consciousness of thought. A strategy. I think these people just buy and sell stuff they like. It’s more of a that’s who they are than a marketing decision.

A few weekends back they had their annual open house. I knew it was an open house because they had printed and distributed flyers saying there would be an open house. There might have been free coffee but since I don’t drink coffee, I neither noticed nor cared. Next year I will be sure to take note for those of you out there that might be concerned.

Can you have an open house without free coffee?

The only difference I could discern was that there seemed to be more people there than typical. Probably because the owners printed and distributed flyers and customers assumed there would be free coffee.

They had a good assortment of primitive and vernacular furniture as well as the flyers and free coffee. As you would expect, a good percentage of this furniture is work related. As in that work in an foreign and abstract concept to me, I was fascinated by this furniture. I thought I might share some with y’all so we might all be enlightened.

This stool might be a work stool, no one can prove it’s not:


It certainly is primitive.


But is it vernacular?

This is a broom maker’s bench:


I know this because the tag says so.

I can’t remember the vocation associated with this bench:


I hope it wasn’t a cabinetmaker.


Or at least not a drawer specialist.

This is the token conventional workbench:


Well, kinda, sorta conventional.


It does have a tool tray.


And an end vise.


One square bench dog.

Only small work done here:


Only a little ugly.

A bench with storage:


Great natural patina.

A larger bench with storage:


Big drawer below, seems like it would be hard to open.

Big bench, different configuration:


A mercantile bench, perhaps?

Some storage stacked up:


Stacked here but not in real life.

I’m sure this is not a salad spinner.


But it is a mixer of some sort.

There is a tool chest:


A typical chest.


Only one till left.

Leaving their shop, I headed to nearby dealer located in a strip mall. From well-worn wooden flooring to fading linoleum No benches or tool chests but there were leg vises:


It looks complete. It just needs a new home.


I really like the aftermarket plumbing hindle…

I can’t wait for next year’s open house with the implication/inference of free coffee.