Last blog, I featured some of the workbenches from a local antiques shop renowned for their primitives.  Renowned might be a bit strong but it’s late and I want to get this done.

As I wrote, they have more than a few workbenches:


Perfect for an apartment woodworker. Or, now, the tiny house woodworker.

They are more than workbenches. They have lots of pie safes:


A very odd pie safe.

with a very odd latch:


I don’t believe this latch was made for this pie safe. Who knows.

And chairs. Lots of chairs:


Most of them have woven seats.

Lots of trunks and chests:


I believe this is considered to be a domed chest.

Chinas and cupboards:


What it is depends on who you ask.

No antiques store is complete without dressers:


A bit too fancy for a primitive.

And a smattering of painted pieces:


If I knew more (anything), I could describe and interpret the paintings on this piece.

To check out the full set, click  HERE.