I have written before about how often I see something I haven’t seen before and then see another one just like it with a few hours or days. It just happened again.

I just returned from another trip to my own personal Purgatory, Las Vegas. Purgatory might not be quite the right word. I only go there if I get a check and, if I can figure out how to cash out a PNC Awards debit card, per diem.

The only non-stop flight from here to there on Sunday left at 7:45 AM getting me into Las Vegas before 10:30 AM. My hotel room was not available until 4:00 PM. The only thing I could do was visit four antique malls and a camera store having an amazing sale with manufacturer’s reps there to sell you more stuff. That and get lunch.

(Interesting note about the camera store. All the manufacturer’s reps were wearing black logo golf shirts. Except the Leica rep. He was wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo® Classic Fit Cotton Shirt with a Cardigan sweater casually thrown over his shoulders. Good margins on them Leicas. ) (There’s also a Leica store at the Forum Shops in Ceaser’s Palace. I know all the best places.)

I digress.

At the first shop I saw this desk:


A genuine folding campaign desk. Chair sold separately.


Made in 1898, it is showing its age. A bit.


The top folds causing the legs to fold.


All this can be your for $998.

Two shops down the road, I came across this desk:


100 years newer and only $100 less.


Kinda has a Bombay Company vibe going for it.

It’s been a busy few weeks. In the past six weeks I have been in Scotland for two weeks, Boston for four days, Asheville, NC for three days and Las Vegas for nine days. While home, I have been busy building Toys For Tots (fourth year) and buying a new car while the old one still works.

Needless to say, my sleep cycle has still not returned to what passes for normal. I fell down twice in the soggy highlands of Scotland. The first time I cleverly used my Nikon to keep my hand out of the mud. The second fall occurred on an actual slippery slope. I lost my footing and when I ran out of dance step, I landed square on my butt. It isn’t as well padded as I believed. This sent me back to a physical therapist. I do my stretches at bed time meaning I am falling asleep while resting between sets of abdominal/lumbar supine bent knee leg raise. (That’s what they call it.)

I have a lot of posts planned. I just need to stay awake long enough to get them out.