Since the Great Chair Awakening of 2017, I have taken lots of pictures of chairs for a select group of chair nerds and aficionados. Chairophiles if you will. I have decided to magnanimously share many of these pictures with you, my loyal readers. Whether you are interested or not. The continued lack of interest in historic keyboards, classic cars and tractors leads me to believe that you all are a selective and discerning and interested only in furniture.

Well, chairs are furniture.

And I’m giving you a fourth chance…

It must be understood that I take pictures of all kinds of chairs:


Little chairs.


Big chairs.


Older chairs.


And reproductions of really old chairs.

The above chairs are from the Late November photo set. (170 pictures.)

From the Early November photo set (123 pictures) we have:


This primitive rocking chair.


And some Mid-Century Modern commercial seating.

From Auctions,Show and a Shop (102 pictures) there is:


A chair with wings, of a sort.

At the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (43 photos) we have historic and contemporary:


From The Charles Pendleton House exhibit, there is this Samuel Gragg Elastic Armchair, patented 1808. `


And this contemporary George Nakashima Lounge Chair from 1970-1990.

From the John Brown House Museum (1788) we have this mini set of 15 pictures:


An 18th century corner chair.

From the twice-yearly Liberty Antiques Festival are 64 pictures including:


A ladder back chair that would be difficult to climb.

An Auction had a the chairs in the 29 pictures in this set:


A woven rocker?

And from three days driving around Georgia and South Carolina (166 pictures):


A fancier caned chair with a floating medallion.