Looking through my recent posts, I realized that it has been quite a while since I wrote about one of our favorite topics, the gout rocker. Starting with Behold the Lowly Gout Rocker back in January of 2014, I have enjoyed sharing with you pictures and information about the one piece of furniture I hope never to have reason to use.

First up I what I like to call “gout rocker classic”.


The classic frame and woven reed leg support.


Well woven but showing some age.

Next is a more rural version:


A simple frame with the every stylish burlap upholstery.

This rocker screams 1960’s:


Pine plywood with the ever popular medium brown stain with flat finish.


Interesting fabric choices. I wonder is either is still in production?

The next item is not technically a gout rocker but is definitely on the gout appliance spectrum. This one is for people more likely to have developed gout from foie gras and prosecco than pork rinds and PBR.


The gout appliance of the 1%.


Fabric not available at Joann Fabrics.

To give some historic perspective to the gout appliance and help celebrate the season, I took this still from the 1972 movie of the 1969 Broadway play 1776.


“the eagle inside…belongs to us.”

In this scene, at a meeting of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, summer of 1776,  John Dickinson (Donald Madden) of Pennsylvania questions the motive of John Adams of Massachusetts (William Daniels) in his push for Independency while Dr. Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia (Howard Da Silva) waits quietly in the back to spring forth with some of his legendary wit and perspectives.


From left: Franklin, Adams, Dickinson. Note Dr. Franklin’s right foot is elevated on an improvised gout appliance.

Spoiler alert. the Continental Congress voted and accepted Thomas Jefferson’s  Declaration of Independence.. Thus a new Nation is born.