Wherever there is antique furniture, there I’ll be. Museums, antiques dealers, auction houses, I’ll find and photograph them. The criterion is largely pre-1900’s furniture but if I see an interesting piece with machine-cut dovetails and plywood drawer bottoms, I’ll steal their image.

Why? Too much time, too little discipline, ADD and an enormous curiosity. I believe (hope) that there are people out there that might find this interesting. (Delusional as well.)

These are largely pictures of southern antiques but I will start exploring anywhere that I am for more than 20 minutes.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. I made a potato box/step stool you might be interested in looking at. It has a sliding dovetail center and half blind angled dovetails on the end. I can e-mail pictures if you want.

  2. Mark,

    Where in Nashville did you take the photos of the antique furniture and workbenches?

  3. José Santiago said:

    Hi. I enjoy reading your blog and have started looking a furniture much more closely. I recently saw a piece that I don’t know how to classify but appears to be a display case. It has large beveled edge glass doors on the top half of the piece, the sides are also beveled glass and attached with thumb screws and the top is also glass. There are glass shelves and a port installed through the back in the lower right hand corner. The base has two doors and drawers. I’m curious about what it’s function might have been. Can I send you a few pictures? I’m interested in what you might think of it. Thanks.

  4. Garrick said:

    I live in southern Virginia. I always read your posts a week after you were somewhere I wish I had gone. Is there a source for these festivals or is it just your years of experience? Thanks.

    • Some of both. Liberty, Cameron and Charlotte are all twice a year on predictable dates. Sometimes I find flyers in antiques shops.

      I might start sharing in advance. Not really competition if I wasn’t planning on buying anything.

  5. carter choate said:

    I really enjoy your skillfull comentary on the furniture you see. I found out that you can only look at furniture in museums but antique dealers will put up with quite a bit of scrutiny. South Ga.,where I live, is a small resource for the antiques or the tool store. I would be greatly interested in your recomendations for a N.C. tour for both antiques and tools as my wife and I will be touring the state in September. Thank you for what you do for woodworking.

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